The first step in detailing your vehicle is making sure your area is clean and safe to work in.

Assess the area, noting where your co-workers are, where there might be tools or garbage in your way.

Remove any garbage etc from inside of the vehicle. Put in boxes, they should not be inside of vehicle anyways.

Vacuum the vehicle very well, the better you do this step the easier your job will be.

Steam clean ( power wash) the inside of the doors and the bottom of the doors only. The electrical circuits inside the doors are very expensive.

Wipe off excess water in these areas right away, asap.

Power Wash outside of vehicle, again the better job you do at this step, the easier you vehicle will be to finish. Pay attention to areas such as where the wiper blades sit. Under the wheel wells, customers like clean wheel wells. Top of vehicle, tires, engine.

When you power wash engine, spray with power washer, wipe off with clean microfiber cloth. Follow up with Tire & Trim Treatment, voila a new engine. Looks fantastic.

Use the clay bar cloth, quickly go over all outside of vehicle and wipe off with clean microfiber cloth.

You will be amazed at the dirt you remove from the vehicle.

Use the metal polish where needed. Bumpers, wheel covers, bird poop, tree sap, any other organic contaminants. The metal polish with clean, polish and protect in one easy step. ( So use it on everything )

Kitchen stainless sinks, stoves, you name it, it cleans lol.

Use the Carpet and upholstery for the roof and seats and carpet, apply wipe off.

Use the Leather & Vinyl on Leather seats of course, also on the dash and dash board, just spray

on surface, use a soft bristle brush to loosen any dirt and wipe off with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. If truck has a lot of dirt and dust use a damp microfiber cloth to grab the dirt first, let dry then use the leather and vinyl treatment.

Ok, everything Is looking great !. Now grab the Dri Washn Guard, and start cleaning the windows. Windows could be wiped prior with a damp microfiber cloth to get the major dirt removed. add it to the dash and the dashboard, all hard surface areas. It will leave a beautiful invisible protection.

Dri Washn Guard the inside of the doors.

Driwashn Guard the outside of the windows.

Driwashn Guard the roof, the hood, the whole vehicle, do the outside of the windows a second time if you have time

Spray the tires with the Tire and Trim, brush to loosen and remove any dust or dirt on the tire then wipe off wipe off with a rag. To produce more of a shine, spray more Tire and Trim onto the tire.

Check the inside of the truck to see if any spots have been missed, Once the interior has dried, you can see more clearly any missed spots.